MAXXfleet offers modern and reliable telematic and related IOT solutions for businesses with challenges in tracking their vehicles and managing their fleet. Using industry leading, global standard web technologies and cutting-edge hardware, MAXXfleet assists companies in managing their fleet, mobile assets and workforce.


Real-time Tracking of your Assets

Keep track of your assets and workforce. Receive instant notifications of important events

Fleet Management

Maximizing productivity and overall performance of your fleet while eliminating unnecessary cost and time

Fuel Focus

Reduce expenses due to inefficient fuel usage caused by excessive driving style and engine idling

Fleet Safety

Ensure drivers are safety compliant and reduce vehicle accident rates though proactive driver monitoring.

Eliminate Fraud

Identify fuel theft, tire replacements, unauthorized vehicle usage, late starters and early finishers

Fleet Life Expansion

Optimize fleet maintenance to reduce operating costs. Encourage economic driving with MAXXfleet

Powerful and Customisable Reporting

Full control over your fleet and access to essential data

Third Party Integration, IoT

Connection and integration with third party applications and appliances


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Internet of Things
Product Loss Prevention
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Track & Trace
  • Location Tracking Geofencing
    Live Location Tracking
    Track position of your fleet and workforce. GPRS, Satellite and WiFi tracking. Actual speed and geo-zoning feature
  • Driver Management Driving Performance
    Driver Management
    Offers greater insight into whereabouts, working hours, and start/finish of duty of drivers. Past and real-time
  • Car Key
    Remotely Immobilization
    Securely remotely immobilize a stolen vehicle or vehicle driven by an unauthorized person
  • Cargo Monitoring
    Cargo Door Monitoring
    Know when cargo door is open, closed. Notified if open outside assigned location. Get loading time
  • Automated Maintenance
    Automated Maintenance
    Notified for upcoming maintenance and part replacement. Based on distance or time
  • Steering Wheel
    Driving Style Monitoring
    Highlight unsafe driving behavior. Save fuel and maintenance costs. Assessment model to rank drivers
  • Eco Driving
    Encourage economic and better driving which decreases fuel and maintenance costs
  • Driver Distraction
    Driver Distraction and Fatigue Detection
    Prevent accident with serious injury or death caused by distraction and drowsiness while driving
  • Fuel Monitoring Costs Saving
    Fuel Usage Monitoring
    Insight into fuel fillings, usage and costs. Alert for theft and tank damage
  • Cabin Monitoring
    Cabin Monitoring Camera
    In-cabin camera send real-time video or pictures at a fixed interval or by case
  • Temperature Sensing
    Real-time Temperature Sensing
    Real-time temperature at distribution to minimize spoiling of perishable goods. Sends abnormal temperature alert
  • Intelligent Vehicle Incident Camera
    Vehicle Incident Camera
    Video footage and pictures sent to operator based on event triggers
  • Truck Trailer
    Non-engine Assets Tracking
    For un-powered assets: Trailers, barges, remote equipment. With movement sensor and tamper alarm
  • Proof of Delivery
    Printed Proof of Load Delivery
    Reports printed on-site as Proof of Delivery (POD). As proof that load was transported under right conditions
  • Real Time Container Tracking
    Real-time Container Tracking
    Worldwide deployable container lock with GPS and tampering alarm. Temperature, humidity option
  • Cargo Weight Sensing
    Load Weight Sensing
    Transmission of weight using load sensors. For production, overload alerting and cargo theft
  • Machine Operating Control
    Machine Operating Control
    Monitor machine operator is doing the job. Determine the duration of duty
  • Drum Rotation Monitoring
    Mixer Drum Rotation Monitoring
    Detection of rotation and direction: Loading, unloading, idling. Exposure of illegal mixture deliveries
  • Route Planning & Optimalisation
    Route Planning & Optimization
    Deploy the right vehicle using the most efficient route along delivery points
  • Parcel Pallet Box Tracking
    Parcel Pallet Box Tracking
    Real-time position, temperature or humidity of high-value, pharmaceutical, perishable or any other goods
  • Personal Tracking Lone Worker
    Personal Management
    Track your workforce, lone worker. Duty control. Unauthorized access alarm. Localize when hijacked
  • Engine Data Capture/SCADA
    Engine Data Capture/SCADA
    Know fuel consumption and other engine data from CANbus
  • Satellite Tracking
    Global Satellite Tracking
    Asset tracking in remote areas and open water with no GSM
  • Reporting
    Reporting, Business Intelligence
    Full control over your fleet and access to essential data. Export reports to office applications
  • MAXXfleet Mobile Tracking
    MAXXfleet Mobile App
    Tracking, fleet management from any location using Android or iOS app for smartphone or tablet
  • Customized Solutions
    Customized or Integrating Solutions
    We develop tailored end-to-end solutions bundling the power of all our technologies


Collision Avoidance System

Add a Collision Avoidance System to prevent potential accident caused by driving too close to the vehicle ahead, or due of lost of sight around the vehicle.
Optionally, the system can be connected with MAXXfleet as part of the fleet management.

Access Control

A powerful means to control who goes where and when, indoors and outdoors, without wiring and without reliance on a power supply.

Driver Distraction and Fatigue Detection

Driver Distraction and Fatigue Detection:
Prevent potential serious accident.
Driver distraction and fatigue alerting and reporting.
Optionally, the system can be connected with MAXXfleet as part of the fleet management.

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What others are saying

We are a company in recycling, treatment and disposal services for waste. For our business it is very important to know the position and movements of our fleet of trucks and trailers. With MAXXfleet we can meet the requests from our customers to track the waste transport, and to provide the necessary reports at any time. The response time for technical support, installation, and maintenance is above expectations and the duties are performed in a professional way.

— Arzal Hidayat, PPLI – WMI Indonesia (waste management)

As a logistics services and freight forwarding company, we have been collaborating with Lavinta Telematics since 2016. In the first phases of the implementation, their consultants has trained us how to efficiently manage our fleet and to identify areas of necessary changes and improvements. MAXXfleet and our quality standards guarantees effective, safe, and well performing transport operations, and allows us to anticipate timely decisions. Our ongoing mutual collaboration with Lavinta Telematics is of great importance for new challenges that lie ahead in our expanding business operations.

— Ismail Rasyid, CEO Trans Continent (logistics)

Since installation of MAXXfleet we immediately noticed the amount of useful information the device provided us, such as a notification of a vehicle when leaving a geo-fence or when the engine of the vehicle has completed a certain number of hours. This proved to be of great importance for our business. We have now installed MAXXfleet on all our cranes. We have been extremely pleased with the performance of this product and the after sales services. I highly recommend MAXXfleet to companies seeking tracking features for their fleet. 

— Joey Parengkuan, Director Interasia (heavy lifting services)

 Our company was looking for a solution to monitor the movements of our vehicles from our main office in Tangerang and our branches in Kalimantan and Papua. Lavinta Telematics was recommended to us and we are happy with the MAXXfleet solution they offered. Their technicians installed the GPS trackers and had them quickly up and running. The monitoring software is easy to use and has many reports that are useful for us. I heartily recommend this company for any kind of GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. 

— Eddy, MIS Manager Paz Ace Indonesia (construction and engineering)

 For several years we are using MAXXfleet to monitor our toll road patrol and towing fleet and we are very satisfied with its performance and its user friendliness. The system meets the standards set by the company. 

— Jasa Marga (Indonesian toll road operator)

 With MAXXfleet from Lavinta Telematics we have made a right choice. Over the last years, we managed to deploy our fleet more efficiently, and to reduce our operational costs in many ways. Their helpdesk team is providing excellent support and the installation and maintenance work by their mechanics is done quick and efficiently. We are more than satisfied with the GPS tracking system that we use and without any hesitation I would suggest it to any company that runs a fleet. 

— Hilmy Hasanuddin, Director Mega Kreasi Ekatama (cable supplier)

 For us as gas transporter it is important to know location, the driver and other operational status of the trucks at any time and MAXXfleet is the driving force behind this. We also follow the driving behavior of our drivers, which encourage them to drive safe. The swift and reliable alerting feature allows us to make quick operational decisions. 

— Vidi, IEV Group (distributor and transporter of MNG and CNG)

 We have tried several applications for tracking and managing a fleet, but we found MAXXfleet to be the most comprehensive and reliable. 

— Hafez Salammudin, FKS Group (food and agriculture business)

 In the past we installed the GPS tracking system from MAXXfleet in our fleet of vehicle repair service cars. This make it possible for us to trace the location and to verify the actual patrols to our clients. We are happy with this excellent product since it has increased the service level to our clients. 

— Yogi, Auto2000 (Indonesian main retailer of Toyota)

 As a transporter of perishable goods, we use MAXXfleet from Lavinta to control the temperature level in our refrigerated trucks during distribution. Thanks to MAXXfleet the number of spoiled products has been reduced significantly. Occasionally our customers ask for a trip report which shows the temperature their products were transported and delivered. We are very pleased to deal with Lavinta. 

— Stephano Putra, Guna Pratama (refrigerated transport)

 MAXXfleet has been is a very useful tool to efficiency manage our assets. I would gladly recommend it to any company that is looking for a vehicle tracking system. 

— Aditya, Morena (Corporate Rental Company)

About Video Telematics

MAXXfleet with the Intelligent Incident Camera adds an additional layer of information for the fleet manager: A single application for fleet management and video and images together.

  • Instant Alert with video footage and/or photos if asset is involved in accident
  • To determine cause. For insurance claim. Potential lack of witnesses and conflicting reports
  • You decide when video and photos are sent: Vehicle Impact, Harsh Driving Events indicating bad driving style, Unauthorized Access Predefined Areas, etc.
  • Expandable with more camera's
  • Video data in exchangeable camera storage
    MAXXfleet Video Telematics
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